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Changes Planned

Google Meet Support (Adhoc bots + Calendar Integration)

  • For adhoc bots, setting the meeting_url field to a google meet link will send the bot to record the meeting.
  • Calendar bots will automatically join meetings that have a valid google meet link based on the recording preferences of the connected calendar account.
  • Add google_meet_invite object in Retrieve Calendar Meeting response. The object structure is
    { meeting_id: xxx-xxxx-xxx }


12th September 2022 (Calendar Integration)

31st August 2022 (Calendar Integration)

No changes required for existing API consumers, unless new fields should be configurable at user level.
Note: A recording preference update request should be followed by refresh calendar request to ensure latest preferences are incorporated instantly in scheduled bots.

29th August 2022

  • Bot Object screenshare_url field is being removed.

    • The Bot Object is returned from the "List Bots", "Create Bot", "Retrieve Bot", "Delete Bot", "Delete Bot Media" API calls.
    • This field has been deprecated for about a month, and is currently always null
  • Create Bot real_time_media.rtmp_destination_url is being deprecated, and replaced with real_time_media.websocket_video_destination_url

    • The RTMP output option has been deprecated for some time and specifying the rtmp_destination_url would actually configure the bot to output websocket video.
    • This change is formalizing that shift -- beyond the API changes in "Create Bot", no changes are needed in your code that receives the video stream.